Britain's Got Talent 2013: Attraction's win overshadowed by egg girl Natalie Holt


Britain's Got Talent 2013 winners Attraction have hit out at egg girl Natalie Holt for spoiling her big moment.

Musician Natalie stormed the stage on Saturday night's live final, pelting Simon Cowell with eggs in protest over his apparent control on the music industry.

Hungarian group Attraction were overshadowed by the incident, which even attracted more viewers to the show than their win.

“It was not good. We picked up the papers and there was a big article about this girl throwing eggs and just one line on Attraction," they said yesterday. “What she did was stupid and we are not happy about it.”

Richard and Adam had their performance interrupted by Natalie, and they claimed it could have cost them the title.

“She said she was protesting about music not being performed properly, but we were there singing our hearts out, performing live and she ruined it," they said. “She has destroyed our dream. She might regret it now and say sorry, but it’s too late for us — we will never get that moment back. It’s gone forever.

“We just can’t help but think that what she did cost us any chance we ever had of winning.”

Meanwhile, champs Attraction said they were "grateful" to the voters who helped them win and revealed the prize money would all be invested into the group.

"We are so grateful they have accepted us and voted for us and we hope people know how happy we are," they said. “We have survived for a long time without much money and we are happy living like that. We will put all the winnings back into the group to make it bigger and better.”

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