Britain's Got Talent 2013: Aliki Chrysochou says her illness made her ambitious

Aliki Chrysochou (Britain's Got Talent 2013)

Britain's Got Talent 2013 singer Aliki Chrysochou has said her illness has made her more ambitious.

29 year old Aliki, a music teacher originally from Cyrus, was diagnosed with focal encephalitis in 2005, which led to the loss of all co-ordination, speech and movement.

It was a story that made for a very moving performance on Saturday night when Aliki sung Evanescence hit Wake Me Up, leaving Alesha Dixon in tears.

“You’re inspiring so many people, you will. I’m so glad you came here today," she gushed.

Simon Cowell told her: “Well you just have a natural talent Aliki you know. That lyric was so poignant and there’s something about your energy Aliki that is just incredible.”

And he added: “There’s something special about her.”

Speaking after her audition at the weekend, Aliki explained how coming close to death has made her more ambitious than ever to succeed.

"I definitely think what happened to me has made me more ambitious," she said. “I believe that the day you realise you are going to die is the day you start living and I know now to make the most of every moment I have.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Aliki praised her fiance Alex for his support, and said if she won the prize money would be spent on a dream wedding for the pair of them.

"Alex and I have been together for nine years. If I won Britain’s Got Talent I’d love to go and get married on one of the Greek islands," she said. “That’s where my grandparents are from and a wedding there would be wonderful. Alex has always been very supportive of me. He’s so excited about me being on Britain’s Got Talent.

Watch our recent chat with Aliki below...

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