Britain's Got Talent 2013 diver Peter Waterfield is scared of heights!


Britain's Got Talent 2013 hopeful Peter Waterfield has confessed he's scared of heights... despite being a high diver.

Olympic medalist Peter wowed the judges last night as part of stunt group La Quebrada High Diving Productions.

Together with his pals, Peter put on a routine outside auditions in Wales, diving into a pool from heights of up to 25 metres.

But while it looked stunning to us, Peter confessed he made a mistake in the routine.

"I'm supposed to be diving from eight metres but I accidentally climbed to 15 metres," he explained. “I was so scared when I got to that point I had to jump off as I didn’t want to climb back down. I do get scared of the heights.

“I have this real fear that if something goes wrong I could end up hospitalised. I say a little prayer to myself."

Despite having competed in the past three Olympic games, Peter revealed: “The 10 metres I normally dive off is pretty high but it is in a controlled enviroment.

"The pool’s five metres deep so you’re not going to touch the bottom.

“For BGT it was extremely dangerous, the pool was only three metres deep.

Meanwhile, Peter admitted that performing for Simon Cowell was more scary than at the Olympics in London last year!

He said: “In the Olympics you’ve got the pressure of the home crowd, but competing in front of a home crowd at the Olympics is great.

“At Britain’s Got Talent it was freezing and I was jumping off a ladder into a pool that was only three metres deep. That was probably more scary."

The Britain's Got Talent 2013 auditions conclude next Sunday night on ITV.

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