Britain's Got Talent 2013: Simon Cowell's got his retirement plans sorted!

Simon Cowell (Britain's Got Talent 2013)

Britain's Got Talent 2013 judge Simon Cowell has revealed he's already planned an his alternative career once he finally gives up on the telly.

That's if such a day ever comes!

On this weekend's More Talent, Stephen Mulhern grabs some time with the Judges at the Judges’ desk and asks Simon: “If you weren’t in entertainment what would you be doing do you think?”

“I would breed racehorses, I would do it full time," he replies.

But David Walliams interrupts: “He’s not in entertainment; he just sits there telling people they can’t sing. Anyone could do that!”

Meanwhile, Amanda Holden is seen ranting over everything from airports to motorways on the ITV2 spin-off.

Chatting with Stephen, he asks Amanda what makes her angry. She responds with a rather long list!

"People who can walk but use travelators at airports as a lift, they are not for people to stand on and not walk," she begins. "Lorry Drivers who don’t turn their indicators off, that makes me really angry. I can’t stand half-fat spreads. Children who scream whose mothers then just whack them."

Amanda continues: "People who ring your telephone, I’m ex-directory but I get people from call centres ringing me up for double glazing.”

Britain's Got More Talent airs Saturday night at 8:45PM on ITV2.

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