Britain's Got Talent 2013: Are Pre-Skool the cutest dance troupe ever?!

Britain's Got Talent 2013 - Pre-Skool

Dance troupe Pre-Skool take to the Britain’s Got Talent stage this weekend, hoping to follow the success of their older siblings who made it to the final last year as part of Nu Sxool.

The adorable troupe, Pre-Skool, made up of 13 members aged 5 – 8 from Port Talbot, walk onto the stage looking very cute and perform an extremely confident dance routine.

“We got together because our brothers and sisters Nu Sxool got to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent last year,” explains 6 year old Seren Evans when she talks to the judges before their routine. “We just saw them on the TV and said, ‘why don’t we have a go at that’,” she continues.

Seren’s sister is Ffion who was a member of Nu Skool – the dance troupe that wowed the judges last year. Oliva Williams from Pre-Skool has an older cousin Brandon Williams who was in Nu Skool and Megan Carsley from Pre-Skool is little sister to Nu Sxool's Thomas Carsley.

Choreographer Terry Michael is the man behind both dance groups. "We had a great time on Britain's Got Talent with Nu Sxool last year and since finishing the show they've had so many great opportunities. This time I wanted the younger dancers to have a chance to show off their talent. They've all worked really hard," said Terry.
Will Pre-Skool live up to the standard set by their older siblings? They certainly come from a talented town. Port Talbolt in Wales is no stranger to success as this is the town where BGT winner Paul Potts is from.

Also on the show this weekend is dance troupe MD. MD have appeared in previous guises on BGT. They auditioned in 2007 as MD Productions, and in 2009 they appeared again as MD Show Group and made it to the semi finals. Will it be third time lucky for the Liverpudlian dance troupe?

Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday night at 7.45pm on ITV

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