Britain's Got Talent 2013: MckNasty didn't tell anyone about his audition

MckNasty (Britain's Got Talent 2013)

Britain's Got Talent 2013 drummer MckNasty has revealed how he didn't tell anyone about his audition on the show.

The musician wowed the judges at the weekend with his performance, which including playing and DJing at the same time.

MckNasty - real name Joshua McKenzie - told the panel he was hoping to come out of the shadows of his famous brother, rapper Labrinth, who is signed to Simon Cowell's music label.

He said: “I’m always at the back and I want to be at the front.

"My brother is Labrinth, he is pretty cool. I like the fact that I have to chase him.”

And MckNasty didn't tell Labrinth about his audition, revealing: “Did he know I was going to do Britain's Got Talent? No he didn't, because I just felt like i needed to go on the journey by myself and see what happened.”

In fact, he didn't tell anyone, including his mum!

After MckNasty's audition, Simon told him: “I think you’re brother’s going to be really proud of you, I really do."

Needless to say they were all eager to watch his performance back at the weekend, with the 27-year-old revealing to us that he enjoyed a party with the family and friends until 5 in the morning.

Watch our full chat with MckNasty below...

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