Britain's Got Talent 2013 results: Auditions Week four recap

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The Britain's Got Talent 2013 auditions continued tonight, with the try outs moving to Glasgow!

At the top of the show, the judges were optimistic, with Simon Cowell declaring: “We are a talented country, and we have ambition. Finding great talent, that’s what Britain’s Got Talent is all about.”

He added: "All you’re praying for is that someone is going to walk on that stage, be incredible and then you can remember the moment you were there when you found that star.”

The first act of the day didn't look like they wouldfit the bill however, with drag duo Bernie (aka Mark) and Brenda (aka Stuart) taking to the stage to perform La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf.

Simon quipped: “It’s like Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham separating away from the Spice Girls and doing a duet."

But despite the jokes, the pair got four yeses, with Alesha telling them: "I really like your vocals. I was genuinely surprised the direction you took the act in but I can’t criticise it. I really enjoyed it.”

And the auditions just got weirder with El Lurchio (known to his mates as Ian) showing off his sword swallowing trick to also get through.

Amanda said: “It’s like watching a horror film isn’t it. You carry on watching because you like being terrified.”


The Club Town Freaks- Kimberley (25) Chrissy (38) Anthony (30) and Nazene (28) were next on stage and cause Simon to admit: “I think you have to embrace the madness sometimes.” as they too made it through.

The wacky acts weren't over just yet however, with DJ Sexy Scott showing the judges - and hosts Ant and Dec -how to "funkasize".

“Me and Simon have been funkasizing for many years," quips David.

Part two saw a host of dancers try and fail to impress the panel. From 17-year-old James Clifton
to 60-year-old Walentina Limon, all struggled to spark the interest of a very disappointed Alesha.

Martin and Marielle from Holland changed all that however with a shock routine that mixed dance with danger.

Alesha gushed: “Guys I absolutely loved it. It was dangerous, it was thrilling, it was exciting and from beginning to end it was so entertaining. And you’re just mesmerising to watch, I’m so glad you entered the competition a great, great audition.”

Simon told the successful auditionees: “I’ve always said this, we always welcome everyone from around the world in this competition and I think we’re very lucky to have you audition on this show because that’s honestly one of the best things I’ve seen on this show.”

Meanwhile the youngsters were once again out in force, with dance group the Shockarellas- Tia, Maleka, Olivia, Kyra and Zhane school children aged 12-16 from Manchester, temporary taking over the show and getting four yeses.

Also impressing were J-Unity – 19 year old twins Jerome and Jamaal who are students from North London, singing Labrinth- Express yourself.

Simon told them: “You’ve obviously got this great chemistry and I think you’ve come along at the right time.”

There was a surprise for Simon next up as the brother of singer Labrinth, MckNasty – aka Josh McKenzie - came onto the stage.

MckNasty's mix of drumming and DJing has Alesha out of her seat, and even had Simon smiling.

He said: “I think you’re brother’s going to be really proud of you, I really do. You have four big fat yeses. Congratulations.”

But splitting the panel was 16-year-old Thomas Bounce, who showed off his unique 'upside down juggling' talent.

Simon moaned: "For me bouncing ping pong balls, after about 30 seconds I found it a bit boring and I think other people would as well.”

But Amanda said: “Thomas I wanted to say that I was expecting to find it boring but I didn’t. You made it interesting, you really honed your skill and I think what you did was actually very entertaining so well done."

With Alesha agreeing with Simon and David on Amanda's side, it looked like Thomas was going home until both the audience and David got involved.

Finally relenting and giving Thomas the third yes he needed, Alesha said: “I’ll say yes Thomas. You bullies. You bullies you.”


It wasn't long before the singers were back but once again Simon wasn't too impressed with the performances.

Jaden Cornelious was told: “I hate to be a pessimist here but I don’t think your dream is going to come true in terms of singing," while Simon added to Gina McNulty: “I don’t particularly like your voice. The song was dreadful.”

The final act of the day Alex Keirl – a 20 year old music student from Chester - hoped his performance of Bring Him Home by Alfie Boe could win over the panel.

After bringing down the house and getting the judges on their feet, Alex was sailing through to the next round.

“That was a great vocal performance. You have a very, very powerful instrument and you have a really lovely ethereal quality about your voice and you pitched that perfectly. Well done," Alesha said.

Amanda added: “You did, you landed on every single note and your breath control was extraordinary it was an outstanding performance.”

And Simon concluded: “Alex yeah, I echo what the others said. My only reservation was whether it was just a little bit too high. I mean it was just you know, how I personally felt about the song.”

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