Britain's Got Talent 2013 contract bans acts talking about Simon Cowell!

Simon Cowell

The Britain's Got Talent 2013 contract bans this year's acts talking about Simon Cowell forever!

The three page agreement that acts on the show have to sign up to sees them imposed with a variety of restrictions when it comes to talking in public to the media or press.

The contract even bans them from revealing its very existence, although others not party to the document have revealed some details.

Those signing up to the terms cannot speak about "any of the Talent... including for the avoidance of doubt Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden."

They're also banned from speaking about "any incidents taking part in any house or home where ever in the world" regarding the judges, revealing details of the audition and selection process and spoiling results online.

There's also a ban on talking about the contract's very existence to the media, which extends beyond the end of the show.

"Compared to other TV show contracts, the scale and sheer number of the confidentiality clauses is highly unusual," one source said.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror today, the source added:: "It must seem a pretty draconian contract, but contestants sign it when they get to the latter stages. If they don't abide by it, they could be sued."

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