Britain's Got Talent 2013 start time changed to continue Voice UK clash

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Britain's Got Talent 2013 bosses have moved the show's start time, continuing to clash with The Voice UK.

The two reality shows have overlapped ever since BGT launched last month, in a new 7PM slot.

At the time, BBC insiders claimed:“This is getting absolutely ridiculous. It doesn’t serve the viewers. It’s pathetic and smacks of them running scared.”

But ITV sources hit back: Britain’s Got Talent is for all the family so we have to go at a time when everyone can watch and that’s 7pm.”

Last weekend saw BBC move The Voice to a later slot, reducing the clash to just 15 minutes.

And the move worked well, boosting ratings for the blind auditions to their highest ever this series.

This weekend would have seen no clash at all, with BGT's fourth audition episode an hour long compared to the earlier 90 minute instalments.

However, the show will now start at 7:15PM instead of 7PM, meaning the clash with The Voice will continue.

Over the past three weeks the BBC One show has closed the gap, from almost 3 million viewers to now just over a million.

We can't help but wonder if this move has been made purely to keep the Voice's ratings down, with their now being no real need for a clash.

While ITV made a big deal about starting the show in its 7PM time slot, moving it to continue a clash is doing anything but pleasing us viewers.

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