Britain's Got Talent Episode 3 Review!

Aaron Crow (Britain's Got Talent 2013)

The Fast and the Furious had the opening credits on the show tonight. Wheel spins, clever moves, Ant & Dec screaming. What more could you ask for? Top Gear you are through! 

So, our excitement at a high, tonight Steven Jackson was given the honour of opening the show and promised us ten impressions. We are still waiting Steven. Perhaps ten bad impressions of how not to do it.

Roller skating Linda, that's Linda. Did I say her name is Linda. I did, well anyway Linda, just went round in circles. Sadly it was a no for erm, what was her name again, oh yes Linda.

Now little Asanda can sing and I like her confidence, don't think we have seen the winner, but a young star is definitely born.

Husband and wife team, Diamond and the Ruff wanted to show us their combined talent. They have been in the same clothes since the day they married.. Ahhh. Buzzer alert. Their cute dog won more votes, especially from Simon, and, the less said about line dancing Bill, the better.

Four piece Luminites from London gave us the best act of the night.  Great singing, brilliant beat boxing and a catchy infectious tune. I already want to hear more from them.

Can Shirley and James, aka Mother & Son, keep the good vibes going. A cute family performance, but one word, No!

Just a word for the next two acts, Heather, Ray, we will call you.

Can Rob and Craig and their act The Duelling Pianos save part three? Well, sort of. They hit more bum notes than good ones, but they have something rare, likeability, and it did put a big cheesy smile on my face.

More yawns and seat shuffling from the judges for the next few acts. They need more excitement Britain!

Mentalist Aaron Crow delivered the bait. He was amazing. I couldn't take my eyes off his act. Bizarre, unique and scary, but throughly entertaining. That's why I love this show.

So, after a segment of depressing guitar acts, we met 22 year old Robbie Kennedy.

Robbie can sing and boy can he play the guitar; I don't think you will be bricklaying for much longer mate. Pack up your tools, you're coming to London.

Right I'm off to roller skate round the garden with my mate Linda, Linda...LINDA.

See you next week

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