Britain's Got Talent 2013: Katie Price isn't a fan of Francine Lewis

Francine Lewis (Britain's Got Talent 2013)

It seems that Katie Price isn't a fan of Britain's got talent 2013 impressionist Francine Lewis, despite admitting that the comic was "talented".

Francine made it through to the next round last weekend after wowing the judges with her take on the likes of Katie, Amy Childs and Cheryl Cole.

However Katie herself wasn't all to impressed.

She said this week: "Did anyone see Francine Lewis' impression of me on 'Britain's Got Talent'? Francine's been mean to me but she's talented, even though she hasn't quite captured Pricey to perfection - only Catherine Tate's managed that."

Writing in her column for The Sun newspaper, Katie also criticsed Francine and other 'professional' acts for auditioning.

“What does annoy me is that ‘BGT’ is supposed to be about newcomers," she sad, quipping “Francine’s been around so long she used to be on the ‘Generation Game’.

“Fair play Francine, give the younger generation a chance.”

Speaking to us after her audition, Francine admitted she didn't want to offend any of the people she impersonated.

She told us: "You always worry that you're going to offend somebody but I try tot keep it not too harsh, just funny.

"I think most of these celebs know they're out there, I think you know you've made it if someone's impersonating you. I see it as compliment because I enjoy watching them."

Watch our chat with Francine below..

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