Britain's Got Talent 2013: Magician Aaron Crow uses Ant in daring trick!

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Britain's Got Talent 2013 sees a daring stunt from magician Aaron Crow tonight, and Ant is his unlucky victim.

Silent magician Aaron Crow hopes to become the first magic act to impress Simon Cowell and he doesn't disappoint.

Aaron has the audience on the edge of their seats after he pours candle wax in his eyes, covers his face with foil and then walks quietly onto the stage with various sharp objects.

At the beginning of his audition Aaron walks menacingly in front of the panel and refuses to speak to the judges.

A producer explains that he's not speaking because his act is very dangerous and he has to be in a certain mental zone beforehand.

Aaron pulls a sword from his back and then asks members of the audience onto the stage.

"You wouldn't get up and do that, would you?," says Ant from the wings. "If he's walked up to you with a Samurai sword.

"You're not going to turn him down either though, are you?," quips Dec.

Little does Ant known that he will soon be on the stage, as moments later Aaron pulls him from the safety of the wings. "Really, me? Not the other one," says Ant as Aaron positions him on the stage and puts a pineapple on his head.

Still blindfolded, Aaron then individually goes up to each of the selected audience members with sharp tools, knocking objects from their hands. Finally he approaches Ant with a sword and goes to chop the pineapple which is balanced on Ant's head.

Ant said, "I was genuinely terrified as Aaron was coming towards me. All credit to Aaron though, it was an incredible act. Everyone was on the edge of their seats."

"I have to admit I'm glad I wasn't on that stage! Watching Ant from the wings was pretty nerve wracking, said Dec. "I mean, if anything had gone wrong it would have been the end of our career!"

Simon Cowell said afterwards: "That’s a great act. I love the idea of watching something where there is a possibility that someone actually could actually die, and the fact that it was Ant made it more exciting, I’ve got to be honest with you.”

He continued: "Can I ask you a question? If you were to make it to the next stage would you be willing to put David on stage, in that situation, with something slightly smaller than a pineapple?”

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