Britain's Got Talent 2013: Attraction accused of 'copying' act


Britain's Got Talent 2013 stars attraction have been accused of copying their act.

The group of shadow dancers reduced Amanda Holden to tears with their amazing audition earlier this month.

But some have claimed the groups routine resembles that of an act that appeared on America's Got Talent back in 2011.

The Silhouettes put on similar displays of shadow mastery in the states to make the live finals.

One source said: "Attraction was presented as being unique, but one search on YouTube makes it obvious that this was a concept pioneered by someone else."

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a supposed Britain's Got Talent insider commented: "We don’t deny Attraction are a similar act to The Silhouettes. But that couldn’t stop them auditioning."

Frankly, after watching the US group in the video below, we're not so sure.

While the two acts are certainly both based around creating shadows and therefore have their similarities, Attraction's story lines and in our view better routine puts them ahead.

Meanwhile, it's been revealed that ITV have received complaints over the group - and other international acts - taking part in the series.

A very sad 15 viewers felt the need to write to the channel about the Hungarian group's appearance last weekend, complaining about their nationality.

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