Britain's Got Talent 2013 spoilers: Our preview from tonight's second auditions

Johnson Brothers

A man dressed as The Sting, pushing another man in a wheelchair who's wearing a bald cap... it must mean it's time for another round of Britain's Got Talent 2013 auditions.

It turns out that the pair, who go by the name of 'Sham', are actually singers.

After walking on stage the duo perform Human by The Killers for the panel, and we'll leave it to you to guess how they got on.

The act sets the tone for the start of the show, which sees a dancer who "doesn't know what she's going to do" for the judges and a stand up comedian who's "never tried it before".

Fortunately we then meet teenagers [tag]AJ and Chloe[/tag], ballroom dancers who remind us immediately of last year's finalists Kai and Natalie.


The pair's performance gets Alesha's approval, with the former Strictly judge describing it as "slick and sexy", but will her fellow judges agree?

Singing brothers Richard and Adam Johnson are up next, but haven't bothered with the wacky fancy dress, thank God.

The Welsh duo say they're singing for their nan, who is invited out on stage to meet the judges, but seems more in love with Ant and Dec!

But this being BGT, the talent can only last for so long.

Another singing duo, Two Days, hope their rap will leave the audience wanting to get up and join in, but it only leaves them wanting to get up and leave the building.

Johnson Brothers

Tap dancer James Devine meanwhile splits the judges, with Alesha and Amanda loving his act while Simon and David aren't so impressed.

And he's the first in a long line of wannabes to create tension the panel in tonight's show, with dance group Pop’arazzi Crew causing the girls to storm out.

It leaves Simon and David alone judging the next performer, 51-year-old Neil Hook. He wants to win the show, and the money so he can open his own patisserie and come out of retirement.

"Hello, welcome to Britain’s Got Talent. My name is Alesha Dixon," David quips as Neil takes to the stage.

After making up, all four of the judges are back for the next act, a dance trio called CEO Dancers, whose performance to Single Ladies has all of the panel on the same page again.

David and Simon

This evening's latest episode also sees plenty of younger stars, with 15-year-old singer Tariq Wooding and 5-year-old dancer Jordan Nash amongst those going in front of the panel.

Also singing for the judges this weekend is [tag]Jordan O'Keefe[/tag], who reveals how he fell out with his dad over his passion for music.

"I want to do something with my life, I want to become a singer," he explains before his audition. "I went to college, but my dad changed my course from music to business.

"I was raging. We fell out massively. I really, really love my dad, but I'm here to prove him wrong."

Will Jordan's cover of One Direction hit Little Things impress Simon and the other judges?

Mum of two [tag]Francine Lewis[/tag] is up next, and her impressionist act is possibly the best the show has seen.

Francine's takes on Stacey Solomon, Katie Price, Holly Willoughby and Cheryl Cole have the audience laughing, and we're sure she'll have the judges saying yes.

Mr Zip's younger brother, or so it seems, closes tonight's show. MC Boy is a triple threat: He raps, sings and dances.

He reveals that his performance will be his own song called I Need You Tonight, written about a time when he was lonely in a club.

[tag]MC Boy[/tag] tells the judges on stage: "Before I applied I had a dream, I saw a the judges, and you [Simon] pressed the buzzer twice."

See if MC Boy's dream turns into a reality on BGT tonight from 7PM on ITV.

Browse pictures of this weekend's Britain's Got Talent 2013 auditions below...

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