Stephen Mulhern teases potential Britain's Got Talent 2013 winner

Stephen Mulhern

The Britain's Got Talent 2013 winner will be a female impressionist, Stephen Mulhern has predicted.

The More Talent host said his favourite act this year wasn't another singer or dancer, in what is set to become the most varied series to date.

Stephen told us: "I honestly think the winner is going to be a woman this year and her act is just brilliant. It's something we don't see on TV enough and her act is just excellent.

"The clue that I'll give is that she does a lot of people very well."

So, an impressionist then?

"You can take from that what you will!" adds Stephen.

And he also revealed that this year's series will see some of the wackiest acts ever.

He teased: "The weirdest act has been a donkey which paints, as the donkey came out there was an easel set and all these paintbrushes, but the owner just literally put a brush in the donkey's mouth and it makes a mess.

"There's also a guy that sings about food, that was something that I thought was going nowhere but was really just good. I think this year the acts are better than any other year, there's more variety and specialty than singers this year."

Watch our chat with Stephen below...

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