Britain's Got Talent 2013: Jack Carroll says 'I'm not a one trick pony!'

Britain's Got Talent hopeful Jack Carroll has teased he's got plenty mores jokes up his sleeve if he makes the live shows, including gags about the judges.

If they make it to air, that is.

The 14-year-old impressed the judges at the weekend with his jokes, many of which played on his disability.

But he told us there was plenty more material to come, explaining: "I got the disability thing out of the way first so now I can do some other stuff. I'm not just a one trick pony."

Jack joked: "I'm a three of four trick pony but after that I am done.

It was claimed yesterday that Jack had censored some of his more risque material because of Ofcom rules, a report that Jack denies.

And while the teenager said he wouldn't be the next Frankie Boyle, he did have some more controversial jokes.

"You can expect to see something different from me. Offending people isn't my job, making people laugh is my job, but it's nice to provoke a reaction now and again," he teased.

Watch our full chat with Jack below...

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