Britain's Got Talent 2013: Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden reveal backstage snogs

Britain's Got Talent 2013 launch

Britain's Got Talent 2013 judges Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden have revealed they have a backstage relationship to rival Simon Cowell and David Walliams!

The two girls claimed that show bosses have been editing out their backstage bonding in favour of focusing on David's rather one sided bromance with Simon Cowell.

Speaking at the launch of BGT in London last week, Amanda said: "We had a kiss at the show’s launch but that’s not our first.

“We’ve kissed on the lips and she put a bit of tongue in. We have done it. The TV cameras have caught it.

“I don’t think David and Simon have done that. Simon won’t even answer that question.”

Alesha agreed, adding: “There has been more of David and Simon’s bromance on telly.

"That’s because of the edit. But whereas David is always being rejected we haven’t rejected each other!”

And Simon continued to reject David this week, saying of the pair's on screen relationship: “It is uncomfortable.

“I’ve described him, my mum used to have a dachshund dog and every time we used to go round to my mum’s, the dog would just hump your leg and it’s a bit like that.

“That’s our relationship. It’s like ‘get off my leg’.”

Watch our chat with Amanda on the red carpet of the Britain's Got Talent launch below...

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