Britain's Got Talent 2013: Attraction made Amanda Holden (and us) CRY!

Britain's Got Talent 2013 auditions - Attraction

The Britain's Got Talent 2013 audition from Attraction had Amanda Holden - and us - in tears this evening.

The group of so called 'shadow dancers' brought variety back to the series which is so often dominated by singers and street dancers.

The nine performers form Hungary use only their bodies to create magical portraits on a canvas, telling a story to music.

Speaking about their audition piece before going out on stage, the group teased: "It is a love story, an emotional story and a true story."

Attraction didn't disappoint, with their touching and technical piece earning a standing ovation from the panel and 3,000 strong crowd.

Amanda Holden cries

In tears, Amanda gushed: "My goodness. I actually can't speak. I found that just so emotional and touching. You just made me really think about everything. It was amazing."

Alesha Dixon added: "That was so beautiful, just so poignant and emotional. I kind of forgot that we were here and you just drew me in completely. It was fantastic. Loved it."

Even Simon was moved by the tale, saying: “Guys I just want to say thank you actually for coming over to enter this competition.

"I’m always very flattered when people from other countries want to compete on this show and it is one of the best acts I’ve ever seen in terms of originality and it was very touching.”


Saying it was "absolutely faultless", David Walliams joined the other three judges in giving Attraction a big yes.

Browse our gallery of the first episode below:

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