Britain's Got Talent 2013: Simon Cowell warns Voice UK bosses

Simon Cowell (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

Britain's Got Talent 2013 boss Simon Cowell has warned The Voice UK not to try and clash with the show.

The two shows are set to go head to head on Saturday nights again this Spring.

And the clashes will end when the first live show of the Voice goes up against the Britain's Got Talent final in June.

Last year so both shows impacted by the clashes, although BGT came out the winner in the end.

Warning Beeb chiefs not to try the same trick again, he said this week: “I think it would be silly if we went up against The Voice – they lost out in the end.”

He added to the Daily Star: “The trouble is you dilute the viewers and the viewers in the end miss out on that.

"I don’t think it will happen again. I’d guess that it is them who will budge and not us.”

And former BBC girl Alesha was keen to beat the Voice for a second year, saying: “I’m confident we will beat The Voice in the ratings.

“I didn’t watch it last time so I probably shouldn’t be so confident without checking out the competition but our show feels so strong this year.”


Simon previously predicted that there will be tough competition between the two shows when they both start in the Spring.

He said at the London auditions for Britain’s Got Talent this week: “They will be very competitive.

“I don’t take anything for granted. It will rest on how good the talent is on the shows.”

And Simon reminded us that BGT ended up triumphing over the new BBC series in the long run.

He explained: “Everyone kind of predicted doom and gloom and then the word of mouth spreads, and in the end we beat them.

“I don’t take anything for granted. We push these producers like crazy to try and make a better show than we did the year before, but it actually will rest on how good the talent is or how bad it is.”

Which show will you watch?

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