Britain's Got Talent 2013: The return of BGT...

Britain's Got Talent 2013

It only seems two minutes since we celebrated with James Arthur when he collected his X Factor 2012 crown.

Another summer and autumn flew by, with my weekly reviews and discussions on the X Factor taking center stage in my life. Well, here we go again. This Wednesday Britain's Got Talent 2013 start their 'televised' auditions in Cardiff, so as the journey starts once again, I have taken the opportunity to look at what's to come and to offer guiding words to The X Factor team...

I must admit to still having a huge grin on my face after predicting Ashleigh and Pudsey would win last year, and, as Heather Moir pointed out straight after the final, "Not one of the judges or the three presenters predicted that Ashleigh and Pudsey would win, but Dean did." Mr Cowell take note. There must be a place in your team for Dean? Thanks Heather.

Thankfully the real judging line up for this year’s BGT has not changed. So series seven will see the return of Simon Cowell (hello boss) Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden.

The talent last year was immense and I think it was the strongest Final EVER on BGT, anyone of them having the potential to go and have a successful career. In fact, a few of them already have...step forward, Only Boys Aloud, Jonathan and Charlotte, The Mend (supporting Little Mix soon) and of course Ashleigh and Pudsey.

The judging panel were another big reason for the success of last year. They were fun and enjoyable to watch and whoever hired David Walliams deserves a pay rise, as that was a masterstroke. The whole chemistry of the team, just worked, yes they gave honest feedback and advice, but most importantly and as I have already said, it was fun. X Factor judges please take note for next year.

So as someone who reviews the show and who is also a talent agent, what I am hoping to see this again this year....? Well, I would love to see a good comedian shine and some good young musical talent, yes I know we have X Factor but I mean good young musicians, who don't usually get a chance to shine, because of their age.

I would also like to say, that if any of the judges fall ill, then I know just the guy to stand (well sit) in for them Simon...ahem, ME.

Before I leave, my advice to the BGT team is simple, just do what you did last year and 2013 will be another golden series...oh, and also pay attention to who I say will win.

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