Britain's Got Talent: Mr Zip admits Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone even annoys him!

Zipparah Tafari (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

Britain's Got Talent star Mr Zip has confessed that even he gets annoyed by his song Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone.

The rapper of sorts made the live finals of BGT earlier this year, and is now set to release the track for download later this month.

And Mr Zip revealed this week that Simon Cowell can't get enough of the tune, saying: “He has been singing, doing all the moves, and even his accent is spot-on.”

Talking about the music mogul, Mr Zip added: “He’s normal, you can’t find a better person to walk the face of the earth. He’s a gentleman.”

Zip, real name Zipparah Tafari, also revealed he was hoping to team up with One Direction or Jedward on his next catchy song!

He said: “One Direction, Jedward — everyone wants a collab with Mr Zip right now.

“I could see it being Labrinth, or Tinie or Misha B. I don’t even need to be asked, I know it’s in the pipeline.”

Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone? will be available for download from next week, but Zip confessed: “It’s totally annoying.

“It is more addictive than anything in the world.

“I walked into a nursery the other day and had children jumping out of their cots when the music was being played."

He added to The Sun: “It’s a tune for life.”