Celebrity Big Brother 2012: We chat to Brian Dowling!

Brian Dowling

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 kicks off on Channel 5 tonight, and we caught up with Brian Dowling for a chat about the new series!

Just one day after finishing off Big Brother 2012 by crowning Luke A the latest winner, Brian will be back on Channel 5 this evening, chucking a bunch of celebs into Britain's most famous bungalow.

Hi Brian! It's your third series of Big Brother this year, do you worry about it becoming overexposed?
We've got permission for three series this year, the normal one did better than last year and I think the Celebrity one will do really well too. I think if it can survive three series this year, it won't be over exposed. I think people really like it, they like any show with celebrities!

Do you prefer the celebrity or normal series?
I get really excited about the normal one because I was in the house, but when it comes to the celebrity one there's an extra hype around it. The ratings do double because people love celebrities, and with the celeb one people know the people going in and they're waiting for the drama.

What do you think makes for a good Celebrity series?
There needs to be a mixture of fun, sexual tension, a bit of drama. I also love seeing celebrities nominate, do they know each other? Have they been slagging each other off on Twitter?

Do you know who's going into the house? Who would you LOVE to see inside?
I don’t know who’s going in yet, but on my wish list are… Obviously, Victoria Beckham is on my wish list! Joan Collins I would love to see in there… and Zac Efron and I think someone like Barbara Knox, she’d be amazing.

Some of the rumours include Janice Dickinson and Julian Clary...
Oh my God, Janice Dickinson! Please, please, please make it happen!

And Julian Clary, for me, was one of my role models growing up, he’s so beautiful and so outrageous, he was just like amazing. Even now when I see him on TV, I’m still a fan.

If you were Big Brother for the day what would you make the celebrities do?
I'd have them do something quite evil, I did like the face to face nominations on the first night that we did with the normal version, something like that. Something that's just uncomfortable.

Who have been your favourite Celebrity housemates in the past?
Pete Burns was an amazing housemate, Shilpa Shetty and the whole Jade Goody thing... that was a great year. George Galloaway with the milk, hello? And Paddy Doherty winning my first series will always be very memorable and Denise Welch in that jacuzzi of tits!

What are your highlights from the most recent normal series of Big Brother?
My highlights would be… from the first night! The [live] nominations, I was like ‘That’s amazing’.

And then the face to face nominations are always uncomfortable and then, of course, the White Room task was one the best moments of the year for me so far.

Conor winning the £50 grand, people say ‘Oh no, he shouldn’t win’, but he won it fair and square. I wouldn’t have pressed the button, I wouldn’t have done that, but that’s personally me.

Will you be back next year?
I'll be next back year... with more Big Brother!

Celebrity Big Brother airs at 9PM on Channel 5 tonight.

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