Big Brother 2012 final: Housemates discuss their last night!


It's The Big Brother 2012 final tomorrow and its unsurprisingly been the topic of discussion all day today.

The three remaining guys in the house - Luke A, Luke S and Adam - contemplated their final full day in the house this afternoon.

"Tomorrow we're all leaving as we entered, how are we all going to be perceived?" Luke S pondered. "There's more excitement leaving than entering, as I feel like I've done it now."

Adam however seemed slightly worried about what may have changed since the group entered the house three months ago: "When you come in the house you have no clue for how long, when you leave here you're never coming back and the outside could be a whole new life."

Luke A meanwhile claimed he wanted to stay for the next series, telling the others: "I feel sad, I don't want to leave the place really."

"I'm not thinking about," insisted Adam. "But I know tonight I won't be able to sleep."

"It's like Christmas eve," quipped Luke A.

The trio then turned their attention to seeing some of those ex housemates back.

"They'll be totally different, the early ones will be different, we haven't seen them for ages," Luke S said. "I wonder how Victoria will feel, I'd be really uncomfortable, I'd feel like a stranger to them... but she knows everything about us!"

The Big Brother 2012 final airs tomorrow night on Channel 5.

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