Big Brother 2012: Cocktail and canapés for final five! (VIDEO)


Yesterday the Big Brother 2012 housemates celebrated making through to the final with a party thrown by BB!

It's their last weekend in the house ahead of Monday's final, and the remaining five housemates enjoy cocktails and canapés supplied by Big Brother.

Together with some tunes, Luke S, Deana, Luke A, Adam and Sara cheered to their final few days in the house, with some serious dancing.

With the booze flowing, the group quickly turned mischievous as they tore through the living room with a pillow night!

The night came to a rather surreal end however with Sara and another rant, but it wasn't the Queen she was getting upset about this time.

Instead, the Scot was left crying after Big Brother played in a Meatloaf track into the house. The rock singer is, so Sara claims, her "perfect" man!

All the action airs on Big Brother 2012 tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

Watch a clip below…

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