Big Brother 2012: Conor, Caroline & Becky blast the final five!

Conor (Big Brother 2012)

They may no longer be in the house, but Big Brother housemates Conor, Caroline and Becky have been letting their feelings felt!

Last night saw their pals Ashleigh and Scott evicted in a double exit, leaving Deana, Luke A, Adam, Luke S and Sara to compete in the final five.

One of them will be crowned winner and walk away with £50,000 next Monday.

But writing on Twitter, Becky moaned: "Well its safe to say that this years big brother will be the sh**est final ever."

She added: "Has never been as furious in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Conor, of all people, branded the result "disgusting" and "disgraceful".

He wrote: "This is DISGUSTING !! Disgracefull !!! Worst final in BIG BROTHER HISTORY !!!"

While Caroline lashed out at the "moronic" and "deluded" voters for saving Adam and Deana in last night's eviction.

She said: "FUMING the general public/studio audience/people that vote r clearly f**kig moronic deluded twats with no concept of reality/sense of humour."

All such charmers...