Big Brother 2012: Mr Snuggles' Salon task results


For today's task, housemates are having their friendships put to the test by Big Brother!

Earlier today, Big Brother revealed Snuggles Salon to the house.

The housemates were asked to gather in two pairs and one trio of "best mates".

Luke S paired up with Ashleigh, Scott and Sara joined forces and Luke A, Deana and Adam formed a trio.

Big Brother then revealed that in each group, one half would have to take a punishment in order for the other to win a very special pampering ahead of the eviction and final on Monday.

Luke A, Adam and Scott all scarified themselves to Snuggles' Salon, where they were gunged, bathed in fake tan and punished with a variety of other disgusting beauty treatments by Snuggles the evil clown.

Ashleigh was first up, and after twice running away, she eventually allowed Mr Snuggles to give her a lovely messy hair treatment.

Scott meanwhile was given a very special tan, while Luke A experienced a facial of fish guts.

Finally, Adam took on a unique beauty treatment in the salon as he put his feet and hands into boxes full of crabs.

As a result, Luke S was rewarded with a hair cut while Scott and Sara enjoyed an afternoon of pampering.

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