Big Brother 2012: Outsiders spend the night bitching!


Big Brother UK housemates Luke A, Adam and Deana stayed up until the early hours this morning, doing a lot of bitching!

And trio decided to stay up late on what could be their last night together, with Deana and Adam both facing eviction tonight.

But the topic of discussion was just how much they couldn't stand their fellow housemates.

While some of the rivalries aren't too surprising, it was Scott who took a lot of the flack.

Luke A, Deana and Adam suggested that he had been acting up to the cameras in order to avoid eviction. The trio accused him of being fake and having a gameplan!

Ashleigh was also branded fake, with the Outsiders claiming she's not as dim as she tries to be, and that is clearly her gameplan.

Luke S was next, accusing him of having a fake relationship with Ashleigh.

The Outsiders claimed there was no passion between them, while Adam remarked how it was strange Luke only touched Ashleigh's lower half.

"I can't remember a Big Brother where everyone thinks everyone is fake as much as we do", admitted Deana.

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