Big Brother 2012: Sara rows with Luke S and Ashleigh!

Sara crying

A row broke through the Big Brother UK house last night, as Sara challenged both Luke S and Ashleigh.

Filled up on booze, Sara confronted the pair on their involvement in Caroline's shopping list sabotage all those weeks ago.

She told the couple: "The week you both got booed I was ****** annoyed with you. You were both involved in the shopping task and you both denied it.

"I think that's why you got booed, because it was selfish. I can't be ****** with dishonest people.

"If it was me, I'd put my hands up and say 'It was me'. You all pretended you didn't know."

Luke insisted: "We were told she was buying food!"

But an unimpressed Sara hit back: "You all had a part to play in it, every single one of you sat there and laughed."

Ashleigh replied: "I told her to get food and get cigarettes."

But their comments fell on deaf ears, with Sara continuing to blast the pair!