Big Brother latest: Deana, Luke A bitch about Sara!

Deana taking make up off

Despite the Big Brother 2012 final just days away, the housemates still can't stop bitching!

There's less than a week to go until Monday's final live show, but the split between the Outsiders and Insiders has shown no signs of disappearing for this last week.

Last night saw Deana and Luke A take a swipe at Sara and her strong opinions.

"The only thing I find with Sara is that she's very strongly opinionated on things, but when she's questioned on them, so goes mad.

"I feel everyone's a bit scared to challenge her."

Luke A replied: "I've just learned that it's not worth it."

"I used to think that," admitted Deana, "But it's annoying, she's like a broken record. If she keeps going on about it I'm going to question her on it, half the stuff she's going on about doesn't even make sense."

Luke A meanwhile clearly had different thoughts in his head.

He said only: "She is stunning though..."