Big Brother 2012: Outsiders contemplate eviction

Deana Uppal (Big Brother 2012)

Tonight sees the latest eviction from the Big Brother 2012 house, and the housemates are all nervous.

Adam, Deana, Ashleigh and Scott all face eviction in tonight's semi-final.

And the group are currently unaware that two of them will be cruelly booted out just days before Monday's final.

Discussing the possibility of leaving, Deana told her fellow Outsiders that she hoped they would stay friends on the outside.

"[Today], soldiers, we may be parted. We may be. This could be our last night together," she told Luke A and Adam. "I'd just like to say thank you for coming in the house, I'm very glad you're in the house.

"It was really nice meeting you both, and hopefully we'll continue our friendship when we're outside of the house."

Adam and Luke A both agreed with the sentiment, with the trio putting their recent bickering behind them over a few drinks.

Luke A gushed: "I'm glad I met you both, although you're very different characters... you're both amazing people and I'm so happy you're in the house.

"If it wasn't for you guys I'd be on my own."

Will the soldiers be split up tomorrow? Vote for who you want to save in our eviction poll below...

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