Big Brother 2012: Housemates compete in Limbo competition!


The Big Brother housemates took part in a special limbo competition earlier today.

It's the final week and things are going rather slow in the house, so Big Brother stepped in to up the fun.

Gradually, the limbo bar would lower, and for each level all housemates managed to limbo under the bar the group would win a prize.

But they only had one single chance to get under!

The first few levels were completed with ease, winning the housemates beer, wine and cake for tonight.

Level 4 for music proved tricky, whilst the fifth level almost never was as some of the housemates came perilously close to knocking the bar off, but all the housemates managed to pass under to win back Sara's eviction dress.

Unfortunately some of the housemates failed to make under the sixth and final level, meaning they didn't manage to win the top prize of a takeaway this evening.

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