Big Brother 2012: Deana upset over Nommy awards

Deana crying 1

Last night Big Brother threw a special end of series awards bash, but it ended in tears for some housemates.

At the Nommy awards, Big Brother handed out gongs for accomplishments in the nominations process throughout the series.

They included things like the Most Nominated Housemate and the Most Consistent Housemate.

However Big Brother didn't just name the winners, they also played in video footage of the nominations from the past ten weeks.

A lot of the footage wasn't shocking, such as Luke A and Luke S winning the Nemesis Award for nominating one another the most times.

But as Deana saw all 33 nominations she has received over the course of the series in order to the win the Public Enemy Award, she has become quite upset.

The Beauty Queen has distanced herself from the other housemates, including Luke A and Adam.

For winning the most awards, Luke S enjoyed a dinner with three other housemates - Sara, Scott and Ashleigh - leaving the Outsiders locked in the garden.

And it was all rather awkward, as they spent the evening in silence ahead of Friday's impending eviction.

You are mean, Big Bro...