Big Brother news: Luke S wins most Nommy awards!

Luke S Rose

Luke S has won most of the gongs in tonight's Big Brother nommy awards!

Earlier tonight the group got dressed up as they attending the posh bash in the living area.

Up for grabs were awards including the Under The Radar Award, for the least nominated housemate, and the Public Enemy Award, for the Most nominated Housemate.

Luke S won the most, including The Most Consistent Nominator and Close Shave Award.

For winning the most awards, Luke S was treated to a very special dinner for himself and three housemates of his choosing in the garden.

Morrison's chef Atul Kochhar cooked up something nice for the male model and his guests: Ashleigh, Sara and Scott.

Deana, Luke A and Adam meanwhile had to cook their own dinner and were locked in the main house, where they spent their three time in silence.

The awards will air on tomorrow night (August 9)'s highlights.

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