Big Brother 2012 spoilers: Housemates fail museum shopping task


The Big Brother 2012 housemates have failed their final shopping task, after Scott and Sara discovered the twist!

Yesterday, Scott and Sara became guards in Big Brother's Museum, while the other housemates became living exhibits.

Scott and Sara had to monitor the exhibits in the museum by both keeping an eye on a CCTV monitor and making regular checks in person.

However, they were were unaware that the CCTV pictures were in fact just a short clip on a loop, and that the other housemates were enjoying secret parties.

Last night the housemates in the museum were given a special silent disco by Big Brother, as Scott and Sara continued to monitor the fake CCTV monitor from the main house.

But despite it being a silent disco, the group still managed to make enough noise to attract the attention of the pair.

Having rumbled the twist, the housemates failed their shopping task and will therefore have only a basic shopping budget to spend on food for their final days inside the house.

The task will air on tonight's [cat]Big Brother 2012[/cat] highlights on Channel 5 from 10PM.

Watch Sara and Scott uncover the secret room below...

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