Big Brother 2012: Deana's friend defends her change of character!

Deana Uppal (Big Brother 2012)

A pal of Big Brother housemate Deana has defended the beauty Queen's sudden change of character.

Deana has become rather mouthy this week, and with days to go before the final it's the worse time possible to begin to lose fans.

Last night viewers saw Deana try to wind up Luke S over his £50k loss some more, three days after the twist finished.

But Deana's pal Tina claimed: "Do you think that's winding up? She's just joking.

"She's just been jolly and jovial. She's merry and had a few to drink!"

However Tina did confess: "I don't think he deserves but he's only have a bit of banter with him."