Big Brother 2012's Deana reckons she hasn't got any fans!


Despite being saved four times by the public, Big Brother housemate Deana reckons she has no fans.

Even though she's been cheered at the evictions and topped the vote a number of times, the beauty Queen told Scott she expected to leave this week.

The pair both face eviction alongside Adam and Ashleigh in Friday's semi-final.

In the bedroom, Deana told Scott Scott, "I’m the person who has received the most nominations! I can’t be bothered to arse lick."

Scott replied: "I haven’t done that! It’s only fair that I’m up as I haven’t before. I can’t wait for the night and listen to the crowd and hear what they’re chanting!"

Deana admitted: "I don’t think I’ll be staying to the final honestly."

Scott reassured her: "Hmm…after being saved all these times, I think you’ve got many supporters."

But she concluded: "I think it’s more to do with the person who you’re up against. I don’t actually think I’ve got supporters really. Que sera sera!"

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