Big Brother 2012: Housemates access secret room! (VIDEO)


Five of the remaining Big Brother housemates have been given access to a secret room as part of this week's shopping task.

This week the housemates have become a part of Big Brother's Museum, with Sara and Scott becoming guards and the other housemates becoming exhibits.

Scott and Sara will keep an eye on the group of exhibits via CCTV, as well as making regular spot checks and inspections to ensure they are keeping still and quiet.

However what the pair don't know is that the CCTV on their monitor is simply a short clip on a loop. The exhibit housemates are actually enjoying a luxury time in a secret room!

Only when the guards come for their inspections must the museum exhibits exit the secret room and take up their positions.

If the guards don't find out about the secret room, the group will pass the task.

Fans of Big Brother 7 will no doubt be reminded of the prison task which proved a big success in 2006, and this one is lining up to provide just as much entertainment!

Watch Ashleigh, Luke S, Deana, Adam and Luke A discover the secret room below...

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