Big Brother 2012: Housemates set final shopping task

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For this week’s shopping task, Housemates will make an exhibition of themselves and become living exhibits in ‘The Big Brother Museum’.

Initially, the Housemates are told that to pass the task, the exhibits must stand still like statues and not talk for the duration of the task. They must select two Housemates to become security guards and inspect the Museum at regular intervals to ensure the exhibits are standing still.

Five Housemates will become exhibits and two Housemates will become security guards. The security guards will remain in the House until their inspections. During an inspection the security guards must enter the museum, and ensure the exhibits are standing still and correctly. They must also record any movement from the exhibits. Security guards will be told that failure to carry out their duties to Big Brother’s satisfaction will result in Housemates failing the task.


The security guards will then be called to the Diary Room so they cannot hear the following message …

The exhibit Housemates are informed that they do not have to stand in the museum and not talk or move throughout the day.

Exhibit Housemates will merely have to stand still and not talk for the first hour only. In fact, the task is a big joke and the joke is on the unaware security guards.

In order to pass this shopping task the Housemates do not have to stand in the exhibition room and are permitted to talk. They have to convince the security guards that they have been standing still and not talking.

In actual fact, the exhibits will be sneaking off through a pyramid into a secret chamber which will be packed with wonderful treats for them to enjoy.

Big Brother will play the footage of the first hour on a loop to the security guards’ monitor – so the exhibits appear to be there all along.

When the Housemates see the pyramid door open, they must take their outfits off, leave them in the museum and crawl through the pyramid into the secret chamber.

When Housemates see a flashing red light in the secret chamber this means the security guards will shortly be called to do another inspection. Housemates must then crawl back through the pyramid and get back into their costumes and positions in the museum, leaving no trace that they have moved.

However, if Housemates are too slow getting back or rouse the suspicion of the security guards they will fail the shopping task.

Each time the Housemates renter the secret chamber there will be even more treats

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