Big Brother 2012: Scott passes his secret task!

Scott in Diary Room

Big Brother's Scott Mason has passed his secret task, winning a party for the housemates.

Yesterday Brother called Scott to the Diary Room by congratulating him for completing his mission. Once Scott arrived his secret mission had in fact begun.

In order to win a VIP party for himself and his fellow Housemates, he had to convince them that he had been working for Big Brother since day one on Big Brother’s biggest ever secret mission.

The Housemates had to believe that Big Brother has been controlling Scott from Day 1, giving him instructions to fail tasks, start arguments and generally do whatever Big Brother wants him to do.

Housemates had to accept that his aim was to get to the final week.

And they accepted it with ease, with Luke A, Deana and Adam all rather annoyed at Scott for his deception!

Deana bitched: "This means we don't know the real Scott, he's been fake all this time."

No doubt the trio felt a tad embarrassed when Big Brother revealed the truth of the task in the evening!

For passing, Scott won a VIP party with booze, food, songs and a trio of naked butlers.

Catch the task on tonight's highlights on Channel 5.

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