Big Brother 2012: Deana, Ashleigh and Luke S punished for noms talk!

Deana taking make up off

Big Brother UK housemates Deana, Ashleigh and Luke S have been punished for nominations talk.

The trio were caught out discussing nominations ahead of the final round of voting yesterday.

Chatting in the bedroom, Ashleigh declared: “We’re all going to be up. We will. They’re not going to vote for their friends. Three of them have already voted for me and they’ve only got two people left.”

“They might all vote for the same two,” Luke S said.

“I’ve probably got a vote too,” Sara added, although she managed to escape punishment.

“Who from? We’re not going to vote for each other, you wouldn’t vote for Scott or me,” said Ashleigh.

Deana meanwhile took part in a separate conversation with the outsiders in the smoking area.

As a result, the trio were banned from last night's party, won after Scott passed his secret task.

The group were locked in the bedroom together and allowed only to watch the others enjoy the booze and nude butlers from the other side of the door!

"I can't believe this," Ashleigh moaned. "It's so horrible!"

We feel for poor Deana...

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