Big Brother 2012 housemates react to their VTs!

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The Big Brother housemates have reacted to their introduction VTs, having watched them as part of yesterday's task.

In general, the group simply laughed at how they had changed since filming the clips some three months ago now.

Scott quipped: "I sound so gay, I didn't know I sound so gay. I went on about chavs a lot..."

Sara's very Scottish accent was a point for discussion, with the model worried that she had come across like a bitch in the clip.

She claimed: "I said so much more than that, they put that together very cleverly because they made me out to be a total bitch. I sounded horrendous, I sounded so Scottish."

"That was the most amazing thing evs," said Ashleigh, adding: "I think I looked a bit weird..."

Luke S told her: "I fancy you more in your VT."

"That's not very nice!" Sara hit back. Awkward.

Ashleigh's claim that she had been without sex for a whopping three weeks was also a big talking point of the night, as was Luke A's claim he was a bit of a ladies man!

Tune in to [cat]Big Brother 2012[/cat] tonight to watch the drama!

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