Big Brother 2012: Luke A, Deana brand Luke S "cocky"

luke s awake

Big Brother housemates Deana and Luke A have branded Luke S cocky after he won a pass to the final.

The pair discussed Luke S' attitude in the house after failing to win £50,000 in the conclusion of the White Room twist on Friday night.

While Conor managed to swipe the money, Luke S did win a spot in next Monday's final.

“He’s acting cocky now that he has a free pass to the final” said Deana, adding that Luke S was “trying to make out like he wasn’t gonna press (the button).”

“I’d have had more respect for him if he came out and said ‘I wanted the money but I was too late,’” she added.

Luke A bemoaned that when he is in a room and Luke S enters “I feel like its freezing over.”

"Everything that goes up must come down, he get slapped with reality very soon,” Deana smirked.

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