Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh lashes out at game playing Deana


Ashleigh has lashed out at fellow Big Brother housemate Deana again, claiming that the beauty queen has the biggest game plan of all the housemates.

Luke S and Ashleigh were talking about Deana’s drunken outburst yesterday, when Deana wound up Luke S about losing £50k in Friday's twist.

Luke S told Ashleigh that he is aware of what happened on Friday, “I don’t need to be reminded.”

"Why are you listening to her, she’s got the biggest game plan in here,” ranted Ashleigh.

Adam, Luke A and Deana meanwhile were in the garden. “At the end of the day, I’m just saying, if he pushed the button earlier,” Deana added sarcastically.

Luke A chastised her and told her not to keep reminding Luke S adding: “Show some compassion, and not when you’re p**sed,” he grinned.

Adam reiterated adding: “Think about compassion for Luke S.”

In the living area Ashleigh continued: “Deana is so f**king patronising!”

Scott tried to reassure her and claimed that Deana was joking earlier.

“She’s sarcastic, she was being an a***hole!” Ashleigh hit back.

Scott agreed on the sarcasm front and joked, “It’s Ashleigh verses Deana.”

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