Big Brother news: Luke S in tears after taunts from Deana

luke s crying

Luke S was in tears talking to Big Brother this weekend after being wound up by fellow housemate Deana.

The beauty queen bugged Luke by continuing to remind him about losing £50,000 in Friday's White Room twist.

Even Deana's pals Luke A and Adam tried to stop her from going on about it.

Luke A chastised her and tells her not to keep reminding Luke S adding: “Show some compassion, and not when you’re p**sed,” he grinned.

Luke S meanwhile was in the dairy room talking to Big Brother about Deana. “I’m very sensitive at the moment, I just don’t want to be reminded, I don’t appreciate her jokes about last night at all," he said.

He was worried that money may be “the be all and end all” and told Big Brother “She would have pressed it.”

In the living area Deana was making more jibes as Luke S’ expenses. “Oh boo hoo hoo, Deana said I should have pressed the button quicker,” she giggled. She adopted a robot voice adding: “I-must-show-tears-now-to-show-emotion-to-win-the-show!

In the dairy room, Luke S was sat with his head in his hands and began to cry.

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