Big Brother 2012: Deana, Ashleigh row over burnt toast


A single piece of burnt toast caused it all to kick off between Deana and Ashleigh in the Big Brother house today.

Preparing an afternoon snack, Deana managed to set off the house's smoke alarm after turning cremating a slice of bread.

"Who done that?" questioned Ashleigh.

"The toaster," replied Deana. "Who put the toast in the toaster? Me."

And it could have all ended there quite peacefully, but Ashleigh hit back: "Why are you being so mouthy for?"

"I'm not angry, I did not do this, I put the toast in the toaster," said Deana.

Ashleigh snapped: "I was just asking you a question, don't get so mouthy. Do not start getting mouthy Deana"

"I'm answering you!" said Deana, "Oh, f**k off!"

Ashleigh spat: "Stupid ****".

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