Big Brother 2012: Deana, Luke S clash over Conor's £50k win

Deana to Luke S

Deana and Luke S clashed in the Big Brother house last night, after remarks Deana made about Conor's £50,000 win on Friday night.

The latest live show saw Conor and Luke S go head to head in a bid to win £50k, with Conor swiping it at the last moment.

Last night Deana repeatedly told Luke that he really should have pressed his buzzer sooner, but Luke didn't take kindly to the comments.

Perhaps understandably, Luke just wanted to forget about losing the money, but Deana's "insensitive" comments wound him up.

He even ended up crying alone over the remarks.

"Was it a bit nasty? I felt sorry after," Deana asked Luke A this morning.

Perhaps trying to defend her comments, she continued: "Well he's been nasty to people.

"I treated someone like I was treated, not how I'd like to be treated."

And she added: "He may be gutted about losing £50k, but I've been gutted every time I'm up for eviction."

Deana had tried to apologise last night, but Luke S blanked her, so she tried again this morning.

"Was I a bit insensitive last night?" he told him after a trip to the Diary Rom, "I'm sorry"

Luke S simply smiled and it seemed all was well again in the house.

Until someone mentions the £50k again...

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