Big Brother spoilers: Housemates pass 'Magic Potion' task

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The Big Brother housemates won a night of cocktails in the house last night, after passing a magic potions task!

One by one, each housemate was called to the diary room. Waiting for them was a unique magic potion. Big Brother explained that they must drink the potion and by doing so it will give them special magical powers.

All they had to do to pass is to work out what type of potion they have taken. To do this, the other housemates were told what potion has been drunk and what the effects of the potion are and how they must react to that housemate accordingly when they returned to the house.

After 30 minutes, Big Brother called the housemate back to the diary room and asked them to try and identify what type of potion he drank.

As the majority of the housemates were able to identify their potions, the group were rewarded with a cocktail party last night.

The group were locked in the bedroom to get ready, before Big Brother opened the kitchen again to reveal a prize of special smoking cocktails!

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