Big Brother 2012: Sara and Scott loving the house without Conor!

Scott (Big Brother 2012)

Big Brother housemates Sara and Scott have remarked how nice the house is without Conor!

The Northern Irish housemate left on Friday night after swiping £50,000 of the prize money in the White Room task twist.

"I actually really like the house now. I miss Becky but I think its such a nice atmosphere," Sara said.

Scott agreed: "I always hate being in big groups, I've always had that fear. It suppresses people's personalities, it's hard for everyone to get across what they're saying.

"I like it as well as all these group things have gone. I hated it went people divided into groups and started bitching.

"I've been friends with everyone and I heard nothing but bitching in that one, bitching in the other. I couldn't stand it."

Sara claimed: "I hate bitching. I just didn't speak."

But Scott confided in the model that he was fearing how he would be received by the public, being the only housemate yet to face eviction.

"I just accepted that I'm stressed with not knowing what people think of me," he admitted. "I don't mind if they hate me, but because it's unknown I'm not prepared."

Sara reassured: "No one will hate you. I think you'll be liked.

"If I was up and someone was like 'get Sara out', I'd be upset for two seconds but then I'd get to the door and be like 'oh well, who cares?'"