Big Brother 2012: Luke S gay? Scott and Luke A think so!

Luke S Rose

Is Big Brother's Luke S gay? It's the hot topic in the house right now, with Luke A and Scott confident the hunky model isn't just a bit camp.

The pair were discussing Luke S after his reaction to a hypothetical question.

"I think Luke S is gay," Scott remarked. "Definitely. Sometimes he talks to me… just the way he speaks."

"I think... there's something," Luke A agreed. "Your first reaction [to the question] would be 'I'm straight', not 'You'e married!'"

And Luke A revealed: "Benedict said the same. He [Luke S] does pay particular attention to his appearance, the plucking of the eyebrows, the crossing of legs, the pinky out with the wine…

"Or maybe he's just even Bi."

But it seems that Luke S being gay could win him a new fan in the house.

Scott giggled: "After that though, I feel more positive towards him."

Of course it certainly does cast even more doubt on his relationship with Ashleigh, maybe it's more of a cover up than just a showmance for votes!

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