Big Brother 2012: Housemates set 'magic potion' task!

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For today's Big Brother, the housemates will be downing Big Brother's special magical potions!

One housemate is called to the diary toom. Waiting for them is a magic potion. Big Brother explains that they must drink the potion and by doing so it will give them special magical powers.

All they have to do to pass is to work out what type of potion they have taken. To do this, the other housemates have been told what potion has been drunk and what the effects of the potion are and how they must react to that housemate accordingly when they return to the house.

For example, LUKE A is going to drink a Love Potion. When he returns to the house, all housemates will be acting as though they are desperately in love with him (they have been given instructions via a secret PowerPoint while the other housemate is in the diary room).

After 30 minutes, Big Brother will call LUKE A back to the diary room and ask him to try and identify what type of potion he drank.

To pass the task the housemate who has drunk the magic potion must guess what the potion is. There will be 5 potions, one at a time and the housemates must get the majority of potions correct to pass today's task.

These are the potions:

Love Potion - LUKE A

* Housemates must act as if they in completely in love with LUKE A.

* Housemates should stare at LUKE A constantly.

* Housemates should follow LUKE A around the house, and repeatedly tell him how good he looks.

* All housemates must kiss him on the cheek or lips

* Housemates should beg and compete for his attention

Invisibility Potion - ASHLEIGH

* Housemates should completely ignore ASHLEIGH.

* Housemates should not look at, listen to or communicate with her in any way.

* If she moves an object, housemates should react as if this object is moving by itself.

Youth Potion - DEANA

* Housemates should take care of and mollycoddle DEANA.

* Housemates should talk to her as if she were a cute little baby.

* Housemates may wish to sing her a lullaby, burp her, and check to see if she needs a nappy change.

Copycat Potion - LUKE S

* Housemates should copy LUKE S' movements.

* Housemates should copy everything he says and does.

* Housemates should follow him and stay within 6ft of LUKE S at all times.

Fear Potion - SARA

* Housemates should try to hide and stay as far away from SARA as they can.

* Housemates should scream whenever they see her.

* Housemates should imagine that she is the scariest thing that they have ever seen.


If the housemates successfully identify the majority of the potions correctly they will be rewarded with cocktails and drinks (TBC) this

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